Efficiency and effectiveness are concepts that are sometimes interpreted differently in Latin America.  Greater weight may be placed on power distance and short-term incentives.  People tend to have a greater level of uncertainty avoidance. 

Laws, regulations and policies may be more numerous, ambiguous or even conflicting than in other markets.  Traditional North-American management approaches may not be the most appropriate for Brazilian employees, for example.  

Braven Partners can help you understand, plan and execute your successful cross-border expansion.        


Latin America is increasingly considered a key region for business growth, yet there is generally poor understanding of how the local markets actually work and how to do business in them. Beyond the "half a billion customers" headline, it is often a challenge to find reliable data about the region. Available information may also be misleading, as it often provides little insight into the factors that actually drive market dynamics, consumer trends or tastes.

We help you to KNOW your markets through:

  • Market assessment and sizing
  • Industry research & insights
  • Customer and consumer research (product & pricing preferences, buying factors, distribution channels, media preferences)
  • Competitor analysis

 Brazilian business culture compared (SRC: Hofstede Centre)


In Latin America, the market environment evolves quickly: consumers develop or acquire new tastes; new competitors enter or emerge; regulations are amended or established; distribution channels may be fundamentally reorganised. 

Companies need tailored market strategies that minimise risk and maximise their responsiveness to change.

We help you to THINK through the right strategy:

  • Market (entry) strategy
  • Business case development and business planning
  • Product/pricing/marketing/distribution strategy and planning
  • Partnering strategies
  • Commercial feasibility studies


Navigating Latin American markets requires sophisticated planning and management skills.  Suitable local talent is not easy to find, expatriates are expensive and often lack local know-how, and even simple administrative tasks can be time and resource intensive.  In the early stages of market entry, long-term leases, hiring full-time staff and taking on the full range of administrative functions can be costly, sap valuable management focus and reduce an organisation’s agility and responsiveness to change. 

We ACT together with you to implement solutions

  • Business incubation and early-stage operations
  • Temporary management solutions
  • Interfacing and relationship management (suppliers, distributors, customers)
  • Business services
  • Local staff assessment and recruitment
  • Company registration, product licensing
  • Payroll and Accounting services


Sustainable growth in Latin America is often a key goal of our clients.  Growth through acquisition is a popular strategy.  However, this approach can be highly challenging.  Partnerships and joint ventures also frequently involve issues of transparency, conflicts in business cultures, unfamiliar accounting practices, complex customer and stakeholder relationships.  Here, we bring deep local knowledge, extensive industry relationships and, crucially, the proven ability to communicate across cultures to help you manage the risks of acquisitions, investments and partnerships.

We help you to GROW your business

  • Partner and acquisition target identification
  • Partner and acquisition target due-diligence
  • Negotiation and transaction structuring and support
  • Transaction execution and management
  • (Post-merger) integration management

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