Engineered to accelerate innovation

The only investment firm designed to help founders cobuild system innovations

Braven isn’t built to be the 3,001st US venture firm — we are built to be the first firm engineered from the ground up to cobuild companies tackling the largest and most important opportunity sets of the next few decades.

Transforming traditional industries


We deliver to

The expertise + ecosystem required to breakthrough in regulated industries, including:

Lead Capital for Seed through Series B
Immediate & Strategic Ecosystem
Specialized Cobuilding Expertise
Active Execution Support & Risk Mitigation
We deliver to

Access to high information ratio opportunities that are exclusive to Braven and unavailable on the market:

Proprietary Incubated Opportunities
Rigorous Investment Validation
Proactive Derisking
Strategic Commerical Partnerships

Committed to creating significant value and meaningful impact

From the start, we envisioned Braven as a dynamic, value-add ecosystem, where all stakeholders can achieve financial and commercial success while advancing social and economic interests.

Creating meaningful impact
Cobuilding with Braven

An elite team to amplify founders

We pair each portfolio company with a specially crafted, dedicated team of Braveneers and Advisors. Working together in the trenches, we bring specialized experience and expertise to augment portfolio company capabilities, unlock value, and accelerate success.