Health and life sciences
Healthcare & Life Sciences

Cobuilding a new era  in healthcare and life sciences

The transition towards proactive and personalized medicine is underway. We focus on next generation platforms combining advanced technologies, financial strategy, and business model innovation to deliver more efficient and equitable health outcomes.

Cobuilding a new era  in healthcare and life sciences

Technological advances have so much potential for health outcomes - but only if  we can develop new approaches to  align stakeholder interests.

- Sean Khozin, MD, MPH

Senior  Partner, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Rigorous Innovation Programs to identify and accelerate breakthroughs in health

Our Healthcare and Life Sciences Unit runs targeted Innovation Programs that conduct deep research to uncover market challenges and develop system-level solutions with clear economics and established product-market-fit. We ask hard questions and work with a network of stakeholders - from biotech to health insurers - to ensure we engage only the very best opportunities.

cobuilding cutting edge platforms and systems
Sample Innovation Programs:
Pipeline Finance

What if novel financing structures could unlock a faster, more cost effective drug development process?

Equitable Access

Can alternative payment models facilitate equitable access to cutting-edge precision therapies?

Digital Medicine

How could an open-source ecosystem accelerate the adoption of digital diagnostics & therapeutics?

Value Based Care

How can financial and technology innovations align interests for effective value-based care?

Experienced health & life science leaders

Your dedicated team of world-class partners

William Abecassis
Prithvi Addepalli
Kiran Yemul
Pamela Bitton
Deborah Chase Hopkins
Irving Wladawsky-Berger, PhD
Philip Gelston

Our Healthcare and Life Sciences Unit includes world-class investors and expert advisors committed to partnering with founders dedicated to solving the industries most pressing challenges.

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Catalyze healthcare innovation

Our team augments a founding team’s capabilities with the expertise and ecosystem to breakthrough barriers and drive success.

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Accelerating your journey

We pair each investment with a dedicated cobuilding team to reinforce critical capabilities, such as team formation, sales development, capital formation, and more.

Amplifying your reach

We leverage the Braven network to facilitate new commercial opportunities and foster strategic partnerships.

De-risking your path

We work with founders to stress test and optimize a strategy that anticipates obstacles, delivering hands-on support to de-risk execution.

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